Masaya SUZUKI (draftcode)

Software Engineer, interested in:

Work Experience

COOKPAD Inc. (Software Engineer, Intern and Part-time, May 2013 - March 2014)

RRRSpec: Distributed test execution service

Design and implement a distributed test execution service. It can tolerate machine failures and process failures.

Distributed Systems

Google Japan Inc. (Software Engineer, Intern, Summer 2012)

Machine translation

Conduct experiments.


Tomonokai Corporation (Software Engineer, Part-time, November 2009 - March 2014)

Internal back-office systems

Discover requirements, design and develop systems.

Distributed Systems

Humming Heads Inc. (Software Engineer, Part-time, July 2008 - October 2010)

Computer supervisory system

Fix bugs and implement a new feature towards over a gigabyte of source code. C++.


Job controller of a distributed system

Write an initial implementation.

Distributed Systems


RRRSpec: Distributed test execution service (2013-2014)

Sandal: Fault aware modeling language (2013-2014)

Design and implement a modeling language that is aware about faults. It can effectively check the fault tolerance of systems like RRRSpec. Implemented in Go.

Develop an Android Application (Team leader, April 2012 - December 2012)

Lead a team of 7 and develop an application. Apply some best practices in Agile.

ACM/ICPC (Team haskell-lover, 2011-2012)

Got 7th in Tokyo Asia regional, 4th in Kaohsiung Asia regional, and honorable mention in World Finals.

Meta-circular Scheme Interpreter

Develop a Scheme interpreter in Scheme. Implement a subset of R5RS and partial continuation.

MIPS Assembler

Develop a MIPS assembler run on the embedded system called MieruPC. It can compile sl program.


MS Computer Science Tokyo Institute of Technology (March 2014)

Concentration: Model checking and Fault tolerance. Takuo Watanabe Lab.

Full-Automatic Exhaustive Fault-Injection on Software Models of Message-Passing Systems

Fault tolerance of distributed systems can be effectively verified by model checking and fault injection, but its process is highly error-prone. I proposed a way to solve this problem by adding a language support to modeling languages, which is a common approach in programming languages.

BS Computer Science Tokyo Institute of Technology (March 2012)

Concentration: Context-oriented programming. Takuo Watanabe Lab.

An Implementation Method of Context-Oriented Programming in Objective-C

Context-oriented programming is a programming method that enables us to define behaviors that depend on the program's execution context. I proposed an implementation method of Context-oriented programming in Objective-C.

Languages, Skills and Technologies


You can see the books I read here: 読書メーター